Our MVP Kids® represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity and are the stars of our products. The sixteen MVP Kids®, along with their parents, siblings and other family members, make up twelve families. An important goal of establishing our MVP Kids® throughout the product lines is to create familiarity and friendship for readers, a basis of trust to address serious life issues and challenges in products for maturing children. As we develop our products, they will follow the MVP Kids® as they grow from toddlers to adolescents.

Hola! I was born at a BIG farmhouse out in the country! My mama and papa moved to the United States from Mexico when I was still in my mama’s belly, so they tell me I’m the first Gonzalez who was born in the US. I love it when my mama and papa carry me around the farm so that I can meet the animals. My favorite are the horses! My favorite game to play is “follow the leader”. My mama tells me that I can make anyone happy with a big smile and a hug, so I love to meet people!

Ni Hao! Hello! My mom, dad and older sister moved from China to the United States when mommy was pregnant with me. My grandpa moved here later and started his restaurant where he and mommy work. My older sister, Lilly, and I love to watch them cook. I enjoy all the sights and sounds and smells of the kitchen. Sometimes grandpa lets me scoop the filling into his famous dumplings! When I’m big, I want to be just like him!

I have 3 sisters! My oldest sister, Lucy, has a different daddy and is a whole 14 years older than me. Lucy takes care of my sisters and me while Mommy and Daddy are at work. She is like my second mommy. My younger sister, Marie, and I have such a good time together. We giggle and laugh, explore, play music and paint pictures to give to our friends. Mommy says Marie has Down syndrome. I don’t really know what that means, but she sure seems happier than most people I know.

My dad calls me Zeke. It’s great having a twin sister. We play dress up and she is always the mom, I’m the dad and our younger brother Malik is our baby boy. Mom says Malik has autism. I don’t really understand what that means but know that he is fun, happy and really smart. I love playing football with my dad. Every night before we go to bed, we all climb on his lap and he reads a book to us.

I twirl, whirl, and dance in my little pink tutu, because I love to pretend that I’m a ballerina. Also, my mom and dad say that I have a natural talent for art and music. I have been playing the piano since my mom bought me a toy one for my first birthday. It’s the most fun to put on a show with my twin brother, Ezekiel, for all of our stuffed animals!

My family is from India. I was born with severe hearing loss and received a cochlear implant just before my first birthday and I learned American Sign Language. I love to be the first to greet other children at the Daycare that my mother started- ‘Patel Daycare’. This daycare specializes in caring for children with physical challenges. My favorite game is puzzles, my mom says that’s because I’m a great problem solver!

I like to play with friends and my little kitten, Cocoa. I love to meet new people and I try to say ‘hello’ to everyone when I’m at the grocery store or the playground. My parents tell me that’s because I have an ‘outgoing personality!’ My big brother Blake and I like to paint pictures for our friends. My mom is Korean and my dad is from Texas.

I’m a whole two years older than my younger sister Annie, but we still like to do things together. My daddy lets me help him build things with him at his house-building jobs- he even got me my own set of tools! My favorite things to do are play with my tools, blocks, and my dog named Tyson! My mom is from South Korea, and my dad is from Texas.

When I first meet people, I’m pretty shy. It takes me a while to get used to new friends, but I still love to play. I got my cool red glasses when I was a baby because my eyes couldn’t focus. Through my “superhero” lenses I can see people clearly inside and out! I love to appreciate how different everyone is. My mom is Russian and my dad is African American. My Daddy is taking a few years off from being a doctor to be a stay-at-home daddy with my older sister, Esme, and me until we start school. Mommy works taking care of other kids as a pe-di-a-tri-cian. I like when Daddy and I play “hospital” and I pretend to take care of him.

My backyard is the best place to be, because I get to play in the garden and roll in the dirt. My family has a small farm, so we get to feed our animals and hear their funny noises all day. My mama and papa say that they are “foster parents” which means that I get to have so many friends! My brother, LeBron, is my favorite; he was adopted which makes him my brother, and we are the same age!

I like to play inside most of the time with our pet turtle, Speedy. But when my brother, Lucas, wants to play, we go out back and get all muddy! Lucas is my best friend, because we’re the same age and we like to play together. My favorite thing to do is help others. My mama and papa say that I “was adopted” and that makes me a special gift to them. They say that they are “foster parents” too and that I get to have extra friends all of the time!

I’m from New York, but Mommy, Brother and I moved to La Paz City. I really like it here though- I’m making lots of new friends! I love to learn Hebrew after preschool at my synagogue with my older brother, David. But my MOST favoritest thing to do is play basketball- Mommy says if I keep practicing I can join a TEAM in a couple of years, so I practice every day!

I don’t remember much about it, but my parents got into a car accident and passed away when I was 2. From that car accident, I got really hurt and have permanent damage to my legs and spine. So my aunt and uncle are now my mom and dad. They take great care of me! My red walker helps me get around and I can do most anything other kids can. My “best friend brother” Frankie is the best, I love to do whatever he’s doing!

My mom taught me that kindness and love are the best way to treat others. She makes me feel so loved that I want to find ways to care for my friends. But I especially love caring for my “best friend brother” Leo. He was injured in a car accident when he was 2 and needs a walker to move along. That doesn’t stop us from being active and having fun!

I love to tell stories and look at books. One day, I told so many stories that I lost my voice and couldn’t talk for two whole days! I had to act out all my stories. My baby sister, Sara, really liked that! My grandparents are from Saudi Arabia, but they moved to the United States right before they had Daddy. My favorite part of the day is right before bed when my mommy and I snuggle and read a book together.

I really like to play soccer! My daddy said when I was little I had trouble walking and was clumsy, so he got me a soccer ball and I have been playing ever since. My Grandma and Grandpa Rojas live in Santiago, Chile and Mimi and Papa Santos live in Rio De Janeiro. I also have a little brother, Victor, who likes to follow me around. I try to teach him everything I know and I really hope he will play soccer with me when he gets older.