Who is MVP Kids®?

What's in our books?

Where do we hope to go?


Our mission is to inspire honorable character in young men and women through healthy mentoring relationships, preparing Real MVP Kids® to live responsible and meaningful lives.


Our vision is to be the go-to resource for innovative media equipping mentors, teaching Life Skills™ and encouraging children to become Real MVPs®, preparing generations of leaders around the world to inspire character™ in others.


Our MVP Kids® represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity and are the stars of our products. The sixteen MVP Kids®, along with their parents, siblings and other family members, make up twelve families. An important goal of establishing our MVP Kids® throughout the product lines is to create familiarity and friendship for readers, a basis of trust to address serious life issues and challenges in products for maturing children. The products follow the MVP Kids® as they grow from toddlers to adolescents.


We are focused on the long-term building of character, values and responsibility. We started from a 30,000 foot view, developed a product development canvas based on child psychologist children’s development patterns, child psychologist age-appropriate learning methods, easing into difficult subjects at a young age and tackling difficult subjects head-on when age appropriate.


Our goal is for every child to see themselves in our Real MVP Kids® and be inspired to live out the positive character qualities modeled by our Real MVP Kids® and their families.

Our four pillars are designed to support this main goal, to Inspire Character™.


Nurture Literacy™ – We recognize the foundational importance of literacy to provide each child the best opportunity to succeed.

Cultivate Mentorship™ – Lessons are best learned in the context of supportive relationships.

Expand Education™ – We strive to help expand worldviews, develop a love for learning and consider topics not often taught in the normal education settings.

Enrich Entertainment™ – With the increasing amount of time children devote to entertainment, our goal is for our entertainment to enrich their lives, spending their time wisely.


Our goal is to offer books to assist parents, teachers and children in developing young men and women with honorable character and the ability to live responsible, meaningful lives. We plan to write books for toddlers through the preschool, elementary and adolescent years. Our first board books for toddlers focus on social, emotional and educational needs.


Our books offer a section of helpful teaching tips for parents at the back of each book. Our tips are divided into three categories: Informing Minds helps parents guide their children into a deeper understanding of the subject matter of the book; Moving Hearts helps parents and children connect emotionally to each other and to the book’s theme; and Directing Hands gives practical actions, crafts and activities to help children gain hands-on experience.


Like many names of authors, Sophia Day™ is a pen name, a pseudonym, adopted by our Real MVP Kids® team to build a consistent and familiar brand. Sophia means “wisdom”. Day means “hope” and “light”. Combined, Sophia Day™ best represents our mission of helping parents and mentors instill wisdom filled with hope and light.