In “Celebrate! Mommies and Daddies”, the mommies and daddies of our MVP Kids™ offer loving support throughout the day. We know that as parents, one of our biggest goals in life is to make sure that our child knows that they are truly loved. So what are some ways that your child can KNOW that you love them?

We’ve put together 5 helpful teaching tips that come straight out of the back of our “Celebrate! Mommies and Daddies” book. Each tip is backed by research and personal parent experience. It’s one of our overarching goals to help parents with parenting! To find more tips, be sure to pick up our “Celebrate! Mommies and Daddies” book!

1. Engage with your child

“Evidence shows that engaging play between young children and their parents aides in healthy brain development.”

2. Make eye contact

“Eye contact between parent and child releases the hormone oxytocin, a pleasure chemical, which deepens bonds and calms a child.”

3. Give positive and predictable attention

“Parents who give positive and predictable attention to their children help them learn to manage their behavior and their emotions.”

4. Develop loving rituals

“Develop loving rituals with your child for different parts of the day; a daily story time with cuddles, a special way to wake him up, serving a favorite meal or a favorite song to sing at bedtime.”

5. Reassure your child

“It is natural for children to wonder whether mom or dad still love them when they act out. The first step in correction should be to connect with your child on an emotional level and assure your child of your unwavering love.”