CELEBRATE! Our Differences™

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Our Differences as they learn to be confident in who they are while respecting the uniqueness of others. By interacting with children of various differences in background, ethnicity, ability and needs our MVP Kids learn that differences aren’t scary and that finding common ground helps build strong friendships in which differences can be celebrated.

We’re more alike than different and here’s one way we’re the same: everybody needs a friend. So, come on, friend, let’s play!


Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! BedTime as they learn about nightime routines that will help them stay healthy, go to bed more easily and sleep soundly. Follow the families of our MVP Kids as they prepare to go to sleep and say “goodnight” in their heritage languages.

“Come on, spaceman, to the launch pad!” Just one last good night flight with dad. “Time to close your eyes and dream of all the things that you can be!” “Buonanote, astronauts, goodnight.”

 CELEBRATE! Flying Colors™

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Flying Colors during playtime in the beautiful outdoors of Patel Daycare. Their imaginations soar as they learn about colors from the birds and butterflies flying and fluttering around them.

Flying colors all around, delightful sights and cheerful sounds. A kiss of iridescent wings, the gift a bird gives when it sings. Nests and eggs and tiny feathers, sights and sounds of simple pleasures.


Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! MealTime. We will learn about good mealtime manners, being helpful, eating healthy and other simple lessons for toddlers. Follow the families of several of our MVP Kids as they go through their day interacting with food and family.

We work together like a team to make our kitchen shine and gleam. Thank you, Mommy. Thank you, Daddy. Family mealtimes make me happy.

 CELEBRATE! Going to the Doctor™

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Going to the Doctor. Beginning with role-playing, we learn that doctors track our growth, help us feel better when we’re sick and manage long-term special needs. From the waiting room, well-checks, to the sick visits and specialists, our MVP Kids help set up realistic expectations and ease anxiety about visiting the doctor’s office.

The doctor sits down on her little stool and shows me all her special tools: A chart to write down all her notes, a light to see my ears and throat. This cuff squeezes and hugs my arm, thump-thump, the stethoscope hears my heart.

 CELEBRATE! Going to the Dentist™

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Going to the Dentistas they go through the routine of a dentist visit. From start to finish, we will learn about what goes on during a dentist visit in hopes of calming nerves and relieving fears of going to get our teeth cleaned!

While I lie down he counts my teeth with a mirror and a tool. One, two, three, four… click clack click. His instruments are cool.

 CELEBRATE! Christmas™

Join our MVP Kids in Celebrate! Christmas as they perform in their community’s annual Christmas pageant! Celebrated around the world, Christmas is an integral part of the holiday season for families of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Through their playful sets and biblical script, our MVP Kids teach us the central story to the Christian celebration of Christmas.

Behold, the angel Gabriel appeared to a virgin named Mary. “Do not be afraid, dear one. It’s joyful news I carry!” “You have found favor with God Most High and His promise of the Savior is true. His plan of salvation will come in your time. The Christ Child will be born to you!”

 CELEBRATE! Mommies and Daddies™

Join our MVP Kids™ and their families as mommies and daddies offer loving support throughout the day. Whether heading to daycare, falling off a bike, adding a new sibling or settling into bed, our MVP Kids help teach that we can remain secure in our parents’ love. Single moms, dads and two parent families alike will enjoy the sweet expressions of “I love you” in each of the MVP Kids™ heritage languages.

I know my daddy loves me when he helps me through the day learning to do all the things I’ll do myself someday. “My love is bigger than all the struggles you’ll go through. Ti amo, my little hero. I love you.”